Activity 1.4 to implement the activities of our project  (Opening Doors of Hope for...
On 07th May 2018 The project  (Opening doors of hope for yezidian women and...
On 23th of April 2018 The project  (Opening doors of hope for yezidian women...
On 22th of February 2018 The project (Opening doors of hope for yezidian women and girls...

28.Sep international day of safe Abortion

in the occasion of 28th of Abortion right; Nujeen for family democratizing with a group of professional Nurses from Nursing college visiting families in Shariya and around area; explaining the importance of this right, and discussing with them the aim of safe Abortion and risky of unsafe Abortion using the theme of this year which is Abortion is healthcare.

as a continuing the project activities (2), Nujeen social center held awareness session about the stigma related abortion to the community leaders in Sharya district. the number of participants was (15) men and women. to evaluate the session using the Pre

Nujeen social center held (1) Awareness session for men about family planning in Sharya district. the number of participants was (25) men.

Nujeen social center held (2) Awareness session for women about family planning in Sharya district. the number of participants was (25) women.

Awareness session SAAF project.

As part of the project activities(Opening Doors of Hope for abortion rights, and embraced non-stigmatized community in Sharya area), Nujeen social center held (2) Awareness session about family planning one for girls and women, and the other session was for Men in Sharya district.

visiting Nujeen team to the health directorate.

visiting our team to the health directorate to discuss with Dr.Nzar on the main topics like their needs and greater potential on safe abortion for improving access to services and to improve reach.

9-12 July SAAF gathering/ Istanbul The SAAF meeting with all grantee around the world.

As a member(Zhiman Hussain) of nujeen organization participated in  the meeting  that it was about all issues related to the abortion, starting from the law, services providers, Advocacy and the stigma related abortion. In addition the most important topic was changing social norms regarding to the abortion. In each day there was some time for the topics to discuss such as social media, women with disabilities, youth involvement, management conflicts and cross-subsidization. The numbers of participants were 57 from the different organizations and different countries.

UN Women workshop in Erbil.

our staff attended the workshop held by UN Women in Erbil from 17-20 Jun. The important topics were discussed about the Iraqi laws on the women, also they talked briefly about the survivors from the psychological side and how to deal with them. In addetion, the last day was about how to write a project proposal.

We are Ezidi

Various activities of the project "We are Ezidi" A project is designed and managed by Kurdish PEN, cooperation with Nujeen Organization, and supported by International PEN. Activities are: 1- Establishing a youth literary club for Ezidi yoth of both genders. 2- Preparing and printing a booklet containing literary texts for youth who contribute to the founding of the literary club.

Kurdish PEN Center

The establishment of the Youth Literary Club for the yazidian youth in the Municipality of Shariya by supporting Kurdish PEN center.

Monthly activities of SAAF project.

As a part of the project (Opening Doors of Hope for Abortion Rights, and embraced non-stigmatized Community in Sharya area) Nujeen held an awareness session for  25 men in Nujeen Community Centre in Sharya district, the session was about family planning and how to use contraception, and which way is the best.

Trim, Improve and Sustain Natural Forest in Sarsink Area –Duhok Project.

The project (Trim, improve and sustain natural forest in Sarsink area_Duhok) has been implemented successfully so far and it’s in the last days of the implementation the workers have overcome of the obstacles and nothing was possible to stop them from working.

Reopening Nujeen Social Center.

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and the launch of 16 days of activism, Nujeen Social Center has been reopened with attendance of the stakeholders and the peoples of the Sharya complex. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that a survivor of ISIS hands Ms. Layla Tahlu has released the center, the holder of the holder of Mother Teresa memorial award. As a respect for all the ISIS survivor girls and women.

Opening Ceremony of (Trim, improve and sustain natural forest in Sarsink area)

The opening day of the cash for work project under the name of (Trim, improve and sustain natural forest in Sarsink area). Which is supported by giz has been held in Badarash hall- Sarsink, with the attendance of director of woods and forest in Sarsink, director of environmental preservation force and a GIZ representative Miss. Hero Butan, along with many other local representatives from the area. The event started with the speech by Nujeen director followed by presenting first training on occupational safety and first aid.

Activity 3.3: Awareness session for students.

As a continuation of the project (opening doors of hope for Yazidian women and girls in Sharya area) the awareness session activity done to the 60 students(30 girls,30 boys) in Sharya secondary school; the students were 16 years old. the core subject was about the early marriage; the trainer use data show and video to deliver the main points to the students. also we use pre-post questions to evaluate the impact of the effectiveness.