Activity 1.4 to implement the activities of our project  (Opening Doors of Hope for...
On 07th May 2018 The project  (Opening doors of hope for yezidian women and...
On 23th of April 2018 The project  (Opening doors of hope for yezidian women...
On 22th of February 2018 The project (Opening doors of hope for yezidian women and girls...

Color Festival

On Friday 15th september 2017 at Sami Abdulrahman park Nujeen in it's promotion for peace and love participated in The first color festival in Erbil.

International day of water

On wednesday 13th september  in coordination with World Vision organization we arranged an event about water preservation in kabarto 2  camp with attendance of the camp management, (GIZ) and the other organization.

Pre Multi Stakeholder Meeting

Pre Multi Stakeholder Meeting, On 29.Aug.2017
We invited all DPOs in Duhok to our office Nujeen,
To discuss their issues with a delegate from Handicap International

Nujeen staff attended a training on PTSD in children

On 22,23 August 2017, Nujeen staff attended a training on PTSD in childrens.

Volunteer staff from Community center Nujeen in Domiz camp 1

On Wednesday 23 August, 2017 a meeting was made in Nujeen’s office with volunteer staff from community center Nujeen in Domiz camp 1 and the Director Mr. Abdal They discussed about the needs and some important points to find some solutions to deliver a better service to the refugee peoples.

Annual Memorial Shingal Day 03.Aug.2017

Nujeen NFDO was available at the YAnnual Memorial Shingal Day 03.Aug.2017

Dealing with biological changes in teens

On Sunday, 23/7/2017 we gave a training course for 14 parents in Kaburtu 1 camp, the subject was
" Dealing with biological changes in teens"
The training was Provided by Ms. Boshra Abdulah & Mr. Saleem which is graduated at the college of basic Education Department psychology

Visit to Kabartu 2

Today 20 July, 2017 The General Director Of Concern Worlwide (Mr. John Kilkenny) went to visit our activites at Kabartu 2, camp

Contract between Concern Worlwide & Nujeen NFDO



Training on early marriage impact was given on May 7th and June 14th 2017 , for kabartu1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

International Day of Child Labor

ريكخراوا نوزين بو ديموكراسيكرنا خيزانى  NFDOبهه ف كارى دكه ل ريكخراوا سه مه ريتانس بورس و ريكخراوا وور جايلد ئاهه نكه ك بهه لكه فتنا روزا نه هيلانا كاركرنا زاروكان يا جيهانى لخيفه تكه ها كه به رتو 1  كيرا , وه ك جالاكيه كا بروزه يى ريكخراوا مه دكه ل ريكخراوا كزنسيرن بنافى بيافين هه فال زبو زاروك وسنيلان.

Awareness Raising and Advocacy Campaign

On Jun 4th 2017, under the slogan of " Disability Does Not Mean Inability" Nujeen (NFDO) organized a Futsal game for shortage impairment players, which was the last activity of our "Awareness Raising and Advocacy Campaign" for athletes PwDs, supported by Handicap International HI and its cofounders European Commission and The Government of the Grant Duchy of Luxembourg/Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nujeen Signed New contract with concern

Nujeen signed new contract with concern for the project of Kabartu2 camp (Child and Youth Friendly Space) For three months from 15th May 2017 to 15th August 2017 Mr. Ciaran Protection Coordinate From concern side and Mr. Abdal the General Manager from Nujeen side

Cooperation & Coordination Meeting with PIN Organization

On Sunady 25th of September People In Need PIN organization deligation that consists of Mr. Maciej the counrty director and  Miss Chiara the focal point of educational cluster in Duhok paid a visit to Nujeen headquarter office in order to strengthen further cooperation and coordination between both bodies in term of sharing data, services support provider concerned eduation in emergency in particular.    

Volunteers seek to empower disabled ‘who only have Allah’

Volunteer Syrian refugees discuss their work with the disabled in Dumiz 1 camp. Photograph: Ruaidhrí Giblin

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