Activity 1.4 to implement the activities of our project  (Opening Doors of Hope for...
On 07th May 2018 The project  (Opening doors of hope for yezidian women and...
On 23th of April 2018 The project  (Opening doors of hope for yezidian women...
On 22th of February 2018 The project (Opening doors of hope for yezidian women and girls...


We celebrate the world youth day and congratulate all the youth in Kurdistan and in the world.

Psychosocial Support Activities for Vulnerable Individuals In Iraq-KRI Under the partnership of IOM organization is implemented in Sarsink sub-district belonging to the Amedi district started in 1st of July to 1st of September 2016

Poverty, illness, conflict, neglected, and abuse can all affect a child s psychosocial wellbeing. Children may experience multiple traumas such as the illness and death of parents, violence and exploitation, stigma and discrimination, isolation and loneliness, and the lack of adult support and guidance. With this it is important for all people and especially youth to understand their action and realize that they are normal and that the other people have had similar reaction.

Shingal Tragedy Anniversary 3rd of August 2016

On the Occasion to Revive the Shingal Disaster

Under the led of the board of relief and humantarian affairs(B.R.H.A). The annual celebration to revive the disaster that tok place in Shingal, be hold today 3rd of August 2016 in the Karbarto IDP camp. This event has been completed. We are in the Nujeen organization have participated actively this event. All the activities also will be take place today evening in the conference hall of Duhok university.

ساخكرنه‌ڤا يادا كاره‌ساتا شنگال

Handicap International People with Disability Project

Ms. Rasha Wahab the manager of the project concerned people with disbilities PwD sponsured by Handicap International has published the article in Evro Press newspaper highlighted the activities that provides to PwD regarding education and establishment of self help group. Besides, providing services concerned healthcare. for more details please visit this link  http://en.calameo.com/read/0001394185cac3bfebf91

Universal Children's Day

“Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, makes this world a beautiful garden”. [James A. Baldwin]

Never miss an opportunity to tell your child, “I love you”.
They may not always smell pure and sweet,
A dirty diaper or a dampened sheet.
But with a loving cuddle and a beautiful smile,
The joys of parenthood are all worthwhile.
Happy Children’s Day..!!

Interview with the director –general of the Nujeen Organization on 21-5-2016 by Bas Nuce

Transcript of the interview, which was can conducted by the side with Mr. Abdal Nuri, the founder and the director manager of the Nujeen Organization , that has been founded in 2003 in response to the political development and the  social changes ,after the fall of the Bath regime and opening the prospect of a democratic state in the Middle East.

Yezidi New Year Known as (Red Wednesday)

The Yezidi New Year, known as Red Wednesday, is one of the largest celebrations within the Yezidi community in Iraqi Kurdistan region that is celebrated on a particular Wednesday of April, known as Red Wednesday.

In this historical occasion Yezidi people carry on different cultural activities, like coloring eggs that’s believed to have been the symbol of April’s new bloomed red-flowers. 

On the occasion of International Women's Day

Day on March 8 every year

Nujeen organization and its affiliated centers in Sharia camp and apartment with coordinating with the Federation of Women, Organized a celebratory in which some words and notice of the right of Iraqi women had been shed, especially for the Sinjari women in Sinjar.

As the volunteers were honored in Nujeen center and the poets were honored by the Women's Union of Sinjar.

Revive the honor ceremony

On Thursday, the day on 02/25/2016 Harikar organization revive the honor ceremony of the center for Nujeen organization for the Women in Sharia who offered a Letter of appreciation to Nujeen center as an encouragement to our center for its services and activities for ladies there. And in turn we thank Harikar organization and management cadre, In recognition of gratitude and encouragement for the best.

Empowering the Women (Nujeen Shria Center for Women)

The Women Safe Space Project is continuing its work in empowering the women in 2016, and it holds many lectures in a topics belongs to the women and workshops to teach the hand making, sweets and the Dressmaking. In addition present the psychological support in Sharya area and Sharya camp, with coordinating with the Duhok health presidency (for referring operation) and with the other organizations.

The center is also responsible to study the violence cases which the women face, in coordinating with the (violence against) center in Duhok to defend their rights.

Child Protection Sub-Working Group

Nujeen's staff attended DoLSA-UNICEF meeting at DoLSA bulding in Duhok on 08,Feb, 2016 wich was held about the Child Protection Sub-Working Groups.

The action points of this meeting was apdates about the current child protection issues that need to be addressed and an overall interviewing the CPIMS international electronic system of the Organization information.

Being present in such meetings and be active in it is out of pleasure for us as Nujeen org.

International day for the elimination of violence against women.

The speech of Mr. Abdal Nuri (the general director of Nujeen organization) on the International Day for the elimination of violence against women.

Dear attendance,

On behalf of Nujeen organization and its staff, I would like to welcome you for attending our special activity on the International Day for the elimination of violence against women in corporation with UNFPA .

International Disability Day in corporation with Handicap International

Ladies and gentlemen,  

On behalf of Nujeen organization and its staff, I would like to welcome you for attending our special activity on the International Disability Day in corporation with Handicap International.

By having a special day for disable people, we agree by taking a human and international responsibility regarding those people who form 10% of the population in the world. So it is important to take care of:

Succeed Story

       Perry Chemo Hussein is a displaced girl from the people of Sinjar. She is 24 years old, and she isn't married. Perry, with her family, suffered from a bad financial condition. And because she didn't complete her study, she suffered from a large vacuum in her life. She also didn't learn a profession to fill her spare time on one hand, and help her family on the other hand.

In addition to this, displacement, violence and terrorism, which she faced with her family made her more painful, and had a tiring psychology.

Health Care Seminar

In order to achieve the  principles and aims of Sharia's social center, which follows Nujeen organization for democratizing and caring for the family and Nujeen's interest in supporting and empowering women, and on the occasion of the advent of winter, we had to give some health guidelines to a group of women through health awareness lectures.