Rebuilding our life

Number of participants: 28 volunteers 
Goal: Rebuilding our life 
By the professional trainer: Zeravan Ameen 
Co-trainer: Zeyneb
To: Dear volunteers of Nujeen organization
Sub: Opening a training course 
Warm greetings 
Under the motto of ( I am a volunteer, and you? ) and the continuum of opening courses and workshops. In order to strengthen our volunteer's abilities and in the purpose of building an affective personality, making plans, being a pure, helpful and balanced person in a colorful and stable society.
You are kindly invited to participate in a new training course under the name of (Rebuilding our life), which will be supervised by international trainers and university professors, for (3) days, on Saturdays at (10) AM, in Duhok Nujeen office , lower Malta Shahnaz st. 39.