• Opening Ceremony of (Trim, improve and sustain natural forest in Sarsink area)

    The opening day of the cash for work project under the name of (Trim, improve and sustain natural forest in Sarsink area). Which is supported by giz has been held in Badarash hall- Sarsink, with the attendance of director of woods and forest in Sarsink, director of environmental preservation force and a GIZ representative Miss. Hero Butan, along with many other local representatives from the area. The event started with the speech by Nujeen director followed by presenting first training on occupational safety and first aid.
  • Activity 3.3: Awareness session for students.

    As a continuation of the project (opening doors of hope for Yazidian women and girls in Sharya area) the awareness session activity done to the 60 students(30 girls,30 boys) in Sharya secondary school; the students were 16 years old. the core subject was about the early marriage; the trainer use data show and video to deliver the main points to the students. also we use pre-post questions to evaluate the impact of the effectiveness.

  • International Safe Abortion Day.

    Among the project (Opining Doors of Help for Yezidian Women in Sharia Area) we’ve done our activity’s 2.3 and 2.4 awareness session about abortion and contraception for mans and woman’s in 27/8/2018 through these activities’ to reunion the International Safe Abortion Day. The participators were (Doctor, Lawyer, Religious men, human rights and women rights worker, and women’s affected by the abortion.

  • Activity 1.4 from the project SAAF

    Activity 1.4 to implement the activities of our project  (Opening Doors of Hope for Abortion Rights in Sharia) funded by the (Safe Abortion Action Fund – SAAF), hold an open session on (finding appropriate mechanisms on how to provide services to Yezidi women and girls who survived from ISIS). The meeting was attended by stakeholders in the project area such as health centers, private clinics, women's rights organizations, social centers and midwives. The meeting lasted for two hours, and the attendees expressed their opinions and suggestions.

  • TV episode 2 (HOPE)

    The second tv episode (Hope) which is repesented by Ms. Aishan and the visitor was ( Ms.