• Volunteer staff from Community center Nujeen in Domiz camp 1

    On Wednesday 23 August, 2017 a meeting was made in Nujeen’s office with volunteer staff from community center Nujeen in Domiz camp 1 and the Director Mr. Abdal They discussed about the needs and some important points to find some solutions to deliver a better service to the refugee peoples.

  • Annual Memorial Shingal Day 03.Aug.2017

    Nujeen NFDO was available at the YAnnual Memorial Shingal Day 03.Aug.2017

  • Dealing with biological changes in teens

    On Sunday, 23/7/2017 we gave a training course for 14 parents in Kaburtu 1 camp, the subject was
    " Dealing with biological changes in teens"
    The training was Provided by Ms. Boshra Abdulah & Mr. Saleem which is graduated at the college of basic Education Department psychology
  • Visit to Kabartu 2

    Today 20 July, 2017 The General Director Of Concern Worlwide (Mr. John Kilkenny) went to visit our activites at Kabartu 2, camp

  • Contract between Concern Worlwide & Nujeen NFDO